Step 1. 3D Modeling
  • Modeling Modeling based on the design files, sort out the layers & materials, and set up major camera angles for confirmation
  • Deliverable Modeling draft view in JPG, 1500 pixel
  • Confirmation is neededStructure, materials & site context
  • 3D model is confirmed
Step 2. Draft Path for story board

During modeling step, we could start planning the camera & path based on story board

  • Deliverable Draft camera path in mp4
  • Confirmation is neededAnimation path & key details of the project.
  • Animation path is confirmedprocess for rendering set up
Step 3. Still images & Rendering
  • Rendering set up with detailed material, lighting, landscape / greenery, figure activities, etc
  • Deliverable Still images in JPG,1500 pixel
  • Confirmation is needed Materials, lighting & mood, context & activities
  • Rendering set up confirmed process with rendering for all shots
Step 4. Animation Production
  • Photo shop workto adjust the overall details, like saturation, color tone, sky, figures, cars, tree, completing animation production
  • Deliverable Final draft animation in mp4 in low resolution
  • Confirmation is needed All shots & details of the animation.
  • Draft animation confirmed Deliver high resolution animation